Soft Problem:  As-is state of a company's data environment is dispersed among dated legacy systems that have residually created hard to retrieve BI.

Solution: Learn the as-is process by interacting with the solution users & other frontline staff whose performance is indirectly affected by the in-place solution. Seek out the back-story to reveal the environmental pain points, bottlenecks, and obstacles. Discover the software features that are step-heavy, cumbersome and slow to produce (extracted in JAD sessions).  Recommend & apply corrections in user-error. Suggest eliminating ineffective features and replace with a more streamlined business process if labor expenditure proves to be less costly than new software acquisition.  Analyse and propose a business step consolidation and/or automation plan.

Experience:  In the spirit of collaboration among various levels & types of stakeholders, I asked about the mode of use of multi-software solutions & the reason for their application.  While parsing the process surrounding the use of these solutions, I discovered bottleneck tasks and presented my reasoning for elimination and identified the opportunities for extracting valuable performance data. 

Conveyable Skills: Set-up, coordinate & conduct JAD sessionsSync definitions  among users and developers. Use diplomatic techniques, to sync understandings and perspectives among disparate department staff.  Use visual presentation to clarify and set intentions of tasks, steps, and overall processes.  Gather requirements and pinpoint unnecessary redundancy.


Hard Problem:  legacy data gaps.

Solution:  Query the old database and create some variance reports based on existing legacy reports. Map the as-is tables to the to-be tables to find equivalents. Inquire targeted stakeholders about the history and intention behind collecting the data in the past.  Find out if the data is extraneous, duplicated, parent-child linked, or orphaned. Discover if existing business processes are collecting the correct data and are being correctly linked during the process. 

Experience:  In order to promote efficient analysis, I use Excel Power Pivot and Vlookups to navigate the raw data from legacy systems to neatly lay out what the data is currently.  Then I compare to data residing in proposed data fields provided by the new software's database installed on a test server.  

Targeted Skills: Create TSQL queries using SQL Server 2008 R2 & 2012.  Used CTEs to create datasets that focuse on specific fundraising areas. Stored procedures were used as the base for reporting through Blackbaud platform.


Skills Applied In Below Domains

Mortgage Governance Municipal: Library, Transportation Non-Profit: Environmental
Non-Profit: Social Service Non-Profit: Medical Non-Profit: Professional Development
Advertising Commercial Property Management Fashion & Design