“When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Why is that so hard for some of us to do?

December 14, 2016

Any ideas?  What prompted this post was a Youtube video of The View, entitled: “Why Didn’t Romney Get Picked For Trump’s Secretary of State?” (0:29) In this video, Joy Behar, a host on The View, presented a direct quote from a Roger Stone (Trump surrogate) stating they offered the position of Secretary of State to Romney just to mess with him, because he harshly criticized Trump.  Asunción Cummings ‘Sunny’ Hostin, another host on The View, made reference to another individual, who has harshly criticized Trump, who was also offered a position in Trump’s administation. It was to counter the idea that Roger’s statement that it was just a joke offer may not be true. It appeared that Sunny couldn’t accept the truth presented. It made me wonder why we as human beings do that? And, why do we do it to our detriment at times?

Someone essentialy shows us who they are and no one wants to believe that it’s true.  The reaction to the true statement is outright dismissal.  Is this the psyche protecting itself from the destruction of it’s world view? Or, is it the ego protecting itself from the realization that someone has conned you or gotten the best of you, undeservedly so.

Reader, has someone shown you who they are and you just dimissed it as not true? Why did you do that? What did you gain by ignoring the truth?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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