May 16, 2017

Did you know that there is a component of culture that rarely gets considered?  Since it is pretty much the literal background of our human life, a blindness to it may have taken hold.  And this blindness has only moments of remission when the background becomes the foreground of our existence.

I am speaking of geography.  The loathsome, boring subject that made you wonder if you would ever have to think about it beyond your practical need to get from A to B. I grew up with the subtle push to know how to read a Thomas Guide.  Now, I have GPS linked to a satellite in the sky. I wonder what are the ways geography bursts through our blindness to it?

One way is actually quite subtle. It is through culture.  I was reading this very dry business book that executives read to edify their business perspective and maybe give them an internal edge.  I learned how weighty geography is when it comes to the creation of culture. People forget why they do a thing in the first place.  They forget the original reason why they eat the food they eat or why they wear the clothes they wear or even why they look the way they do.  Oh, yes!  Geography can influence your looks from generation to generation and be at the seat of why your culture developed in the direction it has.

The name of the book is “Riding the Waves of Culture.” It is a dry read, but worth at least scanning through to get a unique perspective on how consideration and the lack of consideration of one’s geography shapes an individual’s perspective on life, on themselves and others.


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