4 The Love of Dr. Who!

December 5, 2016

I love The Doctor Who series. I am sure all that can be said about this great show has been said and I am just adding to the noise.  I was discussing my warm feeling for the show with an acquaintance and wanted to write about it.

I first encountered Doctor Who in the 70s. Tom Baker was the actor who intrigued me as Dr. Who, because he essentially had an afro. Well as afro as a British dude could have.  My 7-year old self was impressed.  Didn’t take too much back then. Age does make a difference in what impresses you easily. Then the storylines drew me in.

What does “good storyline” mean to me? I like seeing actors I haven’t seen before (with exceptions of course). I don’t enjoy the beauty standard being forced down my throat. So, a spectrum of looks perks my curiosity.  If you steer clear of the “A” model of storytelling I start to generate the mental starch that sets up my stickiness to a story’s beginning.

The next ingredient would be a great villain or anti-hero.  He/she has to be fully fleshed out with a backstory I want to know about over a long period of time. As well as being someone I could imagine myself having fun portraying.  Dr. Who presented those types of anti-heroes and villains to me.

Also, enough should be left to my imagination. Dr. Who definitely does that enough to keep me interested over a large number of iterations of one character.

I love oddity. I especially love interesting oddity.  Again, this is The Doctor.  He dresses oddly. He speaks oddly.  He comes from an odd place.  He has an odd background.  He tinkers (very important).  Tinkering exhibits a mind that is at work creatively.  That is always intriguing to watch.  He has odd transportation.  He has odd acquaintances.  He has odd encounters and adventures with oddly normal people.Those normal people are oddly open to being kidnapped in the friendliest most humble of ways — “Will you be my companion?”  That request and the context surrounding it includes hope and excitement to which you would regret saying, “no.”