Social Currency

September 8, 2016

I consume a lot of online content about various things. Some of this content that I consume is about culture, societal norms & commonalities. Recently I viewed a Bill Maher youtube “Overtime…” compilation. It got me thinking about ‘social currency.’ What is it? Is it similar to intersectionality? And, what is intersectionality? I haven’t heard of intersectionality, until recently, due to the recent elections and the diaspora of issues surrounding them lately.

Social-currency has something to do with a human beings ability to move through their group/tribe/community with a perceived ease due to a society-assigned trait or attribute having high value. The trait could be physical. The trait could be status within the group because of perceived value of that trait. This is whether they are aware they have it or not.

You ever wonder how much social currency you have as opposed to how much currency you only perceive you have?

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