The first scenario presents STARBURST INTERNATIONAL CONCIERGE. It is a fledgling travel company offering concierge services across the globe.
The CEO, Helena Donington, wants to gain a better perspective on their position in the market. She was a DBA 2 years ago,
but decided to change careers to something with more perks & fun benefits inherent in the work. She is aware
of how she is running the business is not the most optimal way, but it keeps her under budget. She is also aware that her company needs to
break the stagnation that has crept up. She is not losing money, but she is not gaining new market share either. She wants to reflect the word,
"...International...," in the company's name. She also wants to reach her travel goals. At present, there are 13 employees, not including her.
All of her employees including herself are remote actors in the company.

  • Michael Bourne, Hospitality Coordinator (Business Developer)
  • Peggy Christian, Travel Integrator (Frontline Manager)
  • Jennifer Wu, Travel Agent #1
  • Thomas Pane, Travel Agent #2
  • Laurie George, Travel Agent #3
  • Mitty Hernandez, Travel Agent #4
  • Shawna Jenkins, Travel Agent #5
  • Audrianna Banks - Accts Payable
  • Debra Oh - Accts Receivable
  • Tim Dawson - Accountant
  • Jim Brighton, Sales Executive
  • Francine Joseph, Marketing Strategist (West)
  • Ben Juliandon, Marketng Strategist (East)


Communication among virtual team members have encountered an issue with security (they have been hacked in the past). Reliable sharing and collaboration is a challenge because most things are handled through email including customer inquiries, marketing pitches, and business development engagement. The email inbox is where it all happens.

Some of the team feel more productive in a face-to-face environment. Some team members find it easier to collaborate with a central repository that features 24-hour accessibility to historical and live knowledge-base, collaborations, analysis, conclusions reached, and actions taken.


  • Action #1: Conduct requirement collection meetings to pin down the "nice-to-have-now," the "must-have-now," and the "for future consideration."
  • Action #2: Investigate asserted pain points from key staff members.
  • Action #3: Gain insight into the frontline process of Starburst International Concierge.
  • Action #4: Test the as-is business process and reveal gaps, inefficiencies,obsolete procedures, and tasks.
  • Action #5: Build a viable to-be business process strategy, relevant collection of tools.
  • Action #6: Reduce pain points and bottlenecks.